Weight Loss Diets: Popular in 2020

Weight Loss Diets: One of the biggest issues of many people these days is weight loss. With the many kinds of remedies and plans out there, it had become easier and also confusing. Easy because there are many ways to try but confusing because, with too many choices, it’s usually difficult to pick one.

However, if you know exactly what it is you need from a weight loss plan, it is usually easy to choose one. Among many plans are various kinds of exercises and diets. This article exposes you to 5 popular diets among many, which you can adopt to shed some of that undesired weight.

Weight Watchers diet

Things I’d a very great plan for general healthy living, improved well being and above all, shedding excess weight. Short term or long term, the program helps anyone who adopts it.

The weight watchers diet program is so flexible it lets members eat what they want and it is very easy to follow.

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Volumetrics diet

This is one which encourages feeding on foods based on their energy density. With its guide grouping foods into four different density levels:

  • Very low density- including no-starch foods, vegetables, broth soups and milk with no fat.
  • Low density- with foods like meat with no fat, legumes, grains, starchy fruits and vegetables, on the list.
  • Medium-density- including foods like meat, fries, pizza, cake, ice cream. And,
  • High-density foods such as chips, chocolate candies, butter, nuts, cookies and some others.

The volumetrics diet is also flexible not restricting you to rules to strictly follow. With this, you can choose to replace high-density foods with the medium as it exposes you to what the foods that interest you contain so you can cut down on calories in your terms. It is a flexible and satisfying plan. However, for people with little or no interest in fruits and vegetables, it might not be a great one. People with little time to prepare meals also might not enjoy the plan.

Flexitarian diet

Two words come to mind here- ‘flexible’ and ‘vegetarian’. Both combined, actually give you the flexitarian diet. This is another healthy plan which encourages you to be a vegetarian but is flexible about it. With this, you can patronise meat when you feel the urge to.

It encourages members to adopt home cooking and lots of fruits and vegetables, presenting many recipes which help them stay healthy, lower risks of diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart problems. You can live longer with the flexitarian diet as it is very easy to abide by but it won’t be great for you if you don’t like home cooking or fruits and vegetables.

Vegan diet

We know vegetarians avoid meat or fish. Well, vegans go as far as abiding foods related to animals too, from whey to grain or foods made with animal bones. The vegan diet incorporates fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, whole grains and a few others. With a limited supply of nutrients like the others, it might not be a great option for many but it abided by highly nutritious foods. With many health benefits and environmental gains, it is highly patronised despite the fact that it involves a lot of work combining recipes, especially if you’re new to it.

Raw food diet

This is a great recipe for weight loss. It is low calorie based and the menu is dominated by fruits and vegetables. Members who stick to the preferably definitely shed a lot of weight. It incorporates in processed foods of any form with most of the members being vegan and the rest, consuming unprocessed animal produce. Though great, it comes with a lot of stress for prepping meals and so many rules.

There are many other diets available but you should be careful with your choice. It is always advisable to walk your weight loss journey with a nutritionist or your doctor for optimum results and better health.

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